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2006 „Janek” 19’ documentary, director,scriptwriter,editor, producer 


2007 „Szkiełko” 25’  feature, director, scriptwriter,editor, line producer


2008  „Kaktusy tutaj nie kwitną” 3’  feature, director, scriptwriter 


2009 „Pogodna” 30’ documentary, director, scriptwriter, line producer 


2010 „Sprawa Janusza W.” 30’ feature, first AD


2011 „Ballentines” 15' commercial, director Renata Gabryjelska, Wojtek Jagiełlo


2011 „Alvernia show reel” 7' commercial, director, editor


2011 „Physical production” 2' commercial, director, editor


2011 „Holocaust” 3' documentary, director, scriptwriter


2012 „Brevio” commercial, director 


2013  „Zakłady Chemiczne – Alwernia” commercial, scriptwriter, director 


2016 „Nie bój się Piękna” 120 ‘ documentary series, scriptwriter, director


2017 „Moc Dziewuch” 60 ‘ internet series from Himalaya, scriptwriter, director, editor





2010 „Giulia y los Tellarini” 40' concert


2010 „Voo voo i Haydamaki” 40' concert


2010 „Pustki” 40' concert


2010 „Nine seconds” 9' feature reż. Nenad Mikovic


2012 „Widnokres” 15' feature reż. Michał Szewczuk


2017 „Moc Dziewuch” 60’ reż. Renata Gabryjelska


I have graduated in law at the University of Warsaw, Warsaw Film School, and the department of document and feature at Wajda School. You could know me from the many covers of the women magazines „Twój Styl”, „Elle”, „Viva” i „Gala”. I’ve played in feature movie “Girl Guide” by J. Machulski and popular television series “Złotopolscy”. My short documentary movies “Janek”, “Pogodna” were awarded on many festivals in Poland and abroad. I have worked also as commercial’s director. I was scriptwriter and director of “Don’t be afraid of Beauty” documentary series about plastic surgery. From my Himalayas trekking I ‘ve produced and directed an internet series “Girls Power”. My passion is editing, and travelling.